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Anju Bhattacharya and Associates

Anju Bhattacharya and Associates is a Delhi based all services law firm having a rich repertoire of knowledge and expertise in Indian substantive and procedural laws and is providing specialized corporate and commercial legal services. The firm has been in active practice since 1990 in Supreme Court, High Court and various judicial Tribunals. The firm consists of a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers.

Our Practice Areas


Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that parties may choose as an alternative to going to court. Our experience of over 20 years in arbitration equips us to handle arbitration matters. Read More..

Service Law

We provide a complete range of services according to the requirements of our clients in order to safeguard their rights. Our experience of over 30 years in service law equips us to handle all sorts of service matters. Read More..

Property Law

We possess hands-on experience in managing various property matters of Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Litigation. We offer legal assistance at all stages of property management.  Read More..

Wills and Succession

The various related topics under this head are: Testamentary Succession,. Probate, Letters of Administration, Administration of Assets of Deceased, Wills & Administration Read More..

Commercial Law

Our firm delivers qualitative legal advice that reduces the execution risk and ensures the smooth running of operations. We represent many international and domestic companies across several sectors. Read More..


The firm advises cooperatives on all aspects. Our capability includes rendering strategic advice across all spectrum of cooperative matters.
Read More..

Land Acquisition

In India, there are 2 Acts of Parliament that regulates land acquisition and lays down the procedure and rules for granting compensation, rehabilitation and resettlement. Read More..


MSMES forms a dynamic plank which holds India’s economy upright. We offer payment recovery services, MSME compliance and general corporate advisory. Legal assistance is offered at all stages: at the Facilitation Council, arbitration proceedings and in courts.

Constitutional Law

We have experience in handling a variety of constitutional matters over the years. Our Managing Partner has had the privilege of handling important constitutional matters while representing government bodies and citizens. Read More..

Labour Law

Labour laws are laws that mediate the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and the government. Labour laws were enacted primarily to prevent Read More..

Insolvency Law

To deal with the challenges of growing number of sick companies, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 proposes a paradigm shift from the existing ‘Debtor in Read More..

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